Association Minière du Québec


The Québec Mining Association (QMA) was founded in 1936 and speaks for all mining companies producing metals and minerals and their constituent mines, metallurgy companies, mining contractors and junior mining companies established in Québec. Members of the QMA are a majority of companies producing metals and industrial minerals in Québec. Other members include suppliers, organizations, institutions and partners, who can participate in the Association’s activities and take advantage of its credibility and notoriety.

The QMA assures a strong voice in the media and all levels of government, elected officials and other stakeholders in order to defend its members’ interests. It also works to bring together all the players in the mining industry, through regular events as well as networking activities.

More specifically, the Québec Mining Association:

  • Represents Québec’s mining industry in meetings with government officials on policies regarding mining
  • Encourages its members’ work in the area of the environment, health and safety, research and technological development, training, human resources management, community relations, etc.
  • Promotes the general interests of the mining industry
  • Provides services to members companies
  • Communicates opinions, commitments, objectives and achievements of the Québec’s mining industry to various stakeholders
  • Maintains links with other associations, organizations and stakeholders
  • Intervenes in the media and in the public arena to defend the positions of Québec’s mining industry