Association Minière du Québec

The mining industry

An industry proud to contribute to the socioeconomic development of Quebec

The mining industry makes a significant contribution to Québec’s socioeconomic development. Mining companies are proud of their achievements and act as genuine partners in the communities where their facilities are located, ensuring that their projects obtain the widest possible social acceptance. To meet this objective, Québec’s mining industry is subject to strict requirements in terms of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility, and has opted for an open, transparent dialogue with the general population and various community stakeholders. The mining industry helps create wealth, and its actions demonstrate respect for people and the environment as it pursues its activities.

Mining life cycle

The discovery and development of mineral resources follow a well-defined cycle. In addition to the actual mining process, other steps in the cycle are equally important. Exploration is essential in order to identify underground mineral deposits. Without exploration, extraction cannot take place. Once the presence of mineral resources with economically viable potential has been confirmed, construction of the mine begins. This is the stage preceding extraction, when the minerals are removed from the ground. Once extraction has been completed, the mining company restores and rehabilitates the site to prepare for the mine closure. Because of their focus on limiting their ecological footprint, mining companies consider closure as important as opening of a mine.