The mining industry dominates the 2019 Québec job creation awards ceremony

Québec City, October 16, 2019 – The Québec Mining Association watched with pride as its members dominated the 2019 Québec job creation awards ceremony (Prix Créateurs d’emplois du Québec 2019). Three companies, Eldorado Gold’s Lamaque Mine, Québec Iron Ore, and Glencore’s Raglan Mine, were the champions in their respective region for their outstanding performance in terms of the number of jobs created or maintained.

No other industry was as richly rewarded at the third annual awards ceremony, providing further proof that the mining sector makes a genuine contribution to the economic vitality of the regions concerned. A total of 40,540 direct, indirect and induced jobs are generated or supported by Québec’s mining industry.

The award ceremony, Les Prix Créateurs d’emplois, is an initiative of Fondaction, the Corporation des parcs industriels du Québec and the Conseil du patronat du Québec, and was set up to highlight the important contribution made by job creators to the development of Québec and its regions.


“Present throughout Québec, including the major urban centres, mining sector workers are a driving force behind the creation of a prosperous Québec. Recognition from organizations outside the mining sector only adds to the pride we felt at the awards ceremony.”

“The QMA is proud to have companies such as these among its members. By providing high-quality jobs, in particular in host communities, Québec’s mines make a difference to the socio-economic vitality of all the regions.”
– Josée Méthot, QMA president and CEO

About the Québec Mining Association

The Québec Mining Association (QMA) was founded in 1936 and speaks proactively for mining companies involved in exploration, extraction and processing, mining contractors and junior mining companies, along with suppliers, institutions, non-profit organizations and other mining sector partners. It is proud of the 40,540 jobs and total expenditure of $8.5 billion generated by Québec’s mining industry over the last year. The QMA’s mission is to promote, support and proactively develop a responsible, committed and innovative mining industry in Québec.