55th workplace health and safety seminar of the Québec Mining Association : workplace health and safety, a core value for the mining industry

Québec City, September 17, 2019 – The 55th annual workplace health and safety seminar organized by the Québec Mining Association (QMA) is taking place in Rouyn-Noranda, bringing together more than 300 managers and supervisors from Québec’s mining industry. The seminar, a key health and safety event for the mining industry, provides an opportunity to discuss best practices.

Each year, the program includes a range of talks on current issues, ensuring that participants leave the seminar with ideas about actions they can implement in their own workplace. The event also showcases the work of people who have achieved outstanding health and safety results during the year. Almost 150 prizes are presented to highlight work in the area of accident prevention.


“Workplace health and safety is a constant priority for the mining industry and for our Association. I would even say that it is a core value. This is why it is important to give our members opportunities like this to get together and discuss good practices.”

“Our objective is to ensure that workplace health and safety goes beyond the technical aspects to reach a more strategic level, more closely integrated into all areas of operation. It has to become a reflex for everyone involved, and this is the goal we are working towards.”

– Josée Méthot, QMA president and CEO

About the Québec Mining Association 

The Québec Mining Association (QMA) was founded in 1936 and speaks proactively for mining companies involved in exploration, extraction and processing, mining contractors and junior mining companies, along with suppliers, institutions, non-profit organizations and other mining sector partners. It is proud of the 45, 550 jobs and total expenditure of almost $6 billion generated by Québec’s mining industry over the last year. The QMA’s mission is to promote, support and proactively develop a responsible, committed and innovative mining industry in Québec.