Pathway to phytotechnologies at the Montréal Botanical Garden : the Québec Mining Association welcomes the opening of the filtering marshes

Québec City, August 22, 2019 – The Québec Mining Association (QMA) was present at the opening of the filtering marshes, part of the Pathway to Phytotechnologies at the Montreal Botanical Garden. The QMA’s significant financial contribution to the Space for Life Foundation helped make the first station in the educational pathway a reality.

The plant technologies showcased along the Pathway are innovative green technologies that can be used to resolve environmental issues in a natural way, using the fundamental properties of certain plants. More specifically, the wetland consists of a water garden with two filtering marshes that use the purifying properties of aquatic plants and their environment to purify water.

Similar solutions have already been applied in Québec’s mining industry, for example by replanting decommissioned mining sites. The financial assistance provided by the QMA, totalling $100,000, has supported these new environmentally-friendly approaches, reflecting the mining industry’s commitment to sustainable development in Québec.

The general public can now visit the first station in the Pathway to Phytotechnologies to discover a natural, highly effective way to treat wastewater that is increasingly present in Québec’s mining industry.


“Plants are often used in the restoration of mine tailings sites, and could be used in other ways in the site rehabilitation process. This is why the partnership between the Québec Mining Association and the Space for Life Foundation was a natural step to support the creation of the Pathway to Phytotechnologies at the Montréal Botanical Garden.”

– Josée Méthot, President and CEO of the QMA

About the Québec Mining Association 

The Québec Mining Association (QMA) was founded in 1936 and speaks proactively for mining companies involved in exploration, extraction and processing, mining contractors and junior mining companies, along with suppliers, institutions, non-profit organizations and other mining sector partners. It is proud of the 40,540 jobs and total expenditure of $8.5 billion generated by Québec’s mining industry over the last year. The QMA’s mission is to promote, support and proactively develop a responsible, committed and innovative mining industry in Québec.